Let's bring
our rainforests
back to life

WHY WE REFOREST100 Years of Massive Logging Activity

The Philippines can be food secure if our forests in Mindanao are intact. The Island of Mindanao is coined as the “food basket of the Philippines” and is home to one of the last remaining primary forests, these watersheds are the four mountain ranges of Bukidnon and the headwaters of Lanao.

WHO WE AREServant Leaders Fully Dedicated to Restore Mindanao's Rainforest

Hineleban Foundation promotes reforestation, environmental conservation, and sustainable farming practices to preserve the Mount Kitanglad rainforest ecosystem.

HOW WE WORKRestoring Denuded Forests and Optimizing the Lives of the Indigenous People Sustainably

Our 39-Year Journey as One Tribe

  • 2016

    1,000,000 lutya planted by the 7 Tribes for Food Security

  • 2016 December

    4th Peace and Unity Celebration with 1,500 attendees

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Importance of the Forest

Importance of the Forest

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The Beginning Scientifically named Dendrocalamus Asper, giant bamboo produces straight poles with nodes distributed in close intervals along the poles,...