Hineleban Foundation

Hineleban Foundation was founded in 2006 in Tuminugan Farm, which is in Bukidnon, the Philippines. We aim to reforest the buffer zones surrounding the Kitanglad and Kalatungan mountain ranges and to provide sustainable livelihood options for the Bangsamoro and Indigenous People (IP) of Mindanao. Rooted in the belief that neither the forest nor the people can thrive without the other, we approach our goal in three stages — first, through food security, followed by sustainable livelihood and finally, reforestation. 

Borrowed from the Talaandig-Higaunen language*, Hineleban is “the spirit of the gathering and giving Mother Tree of the rainforest that sustains the cycle of all life.” It is symbolized by an abundant Bagamumu (ficus) tree in the midst of the rainforest, swarming with bees gathering nectar. Just as the term defines a spirit that sustains all life, our foundation defines success as achievable only through a holistic approach that uplifts the lives of all of the individuals affected by the loss of the benefits once provided by these forests. 

Our team is composed of experts in forestry, wildlife, agriculture, livestock, food technology, field research and development, values formation, community relations, finance and administration, transportation, and marketing and advocacy communications, working in cooperation with the local Indigenous People, the Bangsamoro people, and their respective leaders.

We partner with enlightened private corporations that adopt communities to assist them with the IP community’s Family Food Security (FFS) and with the production of Sustainable Disposable Income-Generating Crops (SDIC) while reforesting cogonal and denuded areas to protect the remaining primary forests in the Philippines.


“Hineleban” is a sacred word (hieros logos; pamalihi ha lalang) that alludes to the highest mystical spirit in Talaandig and Higaunen culture — Tagulambung, the spirit of service and leadership. It comes from the root word “heleb,” defined as “the virtue to gather others towards oneself.” A servant-leader who is infused by the spirit of Hineleban is the center of unity and peaceful convergence of communities and peoples.

*The foundation was given exclusive permission to adopt the name by the Provincial Consultative Body of the Indigenous People of Bukidnon and by PASAGI (Council of Elders) representing the Seven Tribes of Bukidnon. The decision to bestow the term to us was based on the Five Pillars of Kinship.


We are Stewards of God.

We aspire to restore the high mountain forests of Mindanao, enabling the watershed to provide the rains and ample river flow that Mindanao needs throughout the year.

​Core Values and Mission

We are a God-centered organization, united as One Family with our diverse cultural communities.

We share God's values of Love, Compassion, Truthfulness, Trustworthiness and Perseverance.

We engage our high mountain forest communities and provide them sustainable livelihoods, thereby reviving the role of Indigenous and Bangsamoro People as Custodians of the Forests.

By doing so, we build Bridges of Peace and provide Beacons of Hope to those who have the least on the island of Mindanao, in a partnership of equals, respecting the dignity of the unique culture of the Indigenous and Bangsamoro People.